early prototype: (val)iant: or, val's guide to having a broken vag

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thanks to kerrie, báiyù, and everyone at the go with the flow game jam of 2022 for your support :)


content warning

This experience contains references to abortions, anti-abortion propaganda, misgendering, sexism, and homophobia. No graphic visual content will be shown. Please check in with yourself before playing this game.


credits (temporary assets)

  1. Georgia O’Keeffe: Grey Lines with Black, Blue and Yellow, 1923
  2. Sun UI
  3. Stock photo of a doctor with a whiteboard
  4. Hospital ambience (looping sound)
  5. Persona 5 [Shoji Meguro]: Beneath the Mask (instrumental)
  6. Background of a bathroom from Huffington Post
  7. Cartoon vulva
  8. Middle school girl's room
  9. Justin Bieber: Baby (instrumental)
  10. Middle school classroom
  11. Classroom TV
  12. Teacher from freepik
  13. Moonlight [Nicholas Brittell]: The Middle of the World

all authors, composers, and content creators reserve their respective rights to the listed assets. this project is educational and not for profit.

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